Water Slide Rentals

Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Bounce-N-Slide Inflatables provide Wake, Chatham, Johnston, and Harnett Counties with inflatable water slide rentals for your events. Our water slides are built with durable yet comfortable material to ensure a soft surface for climbing, jumping, and playing on. Our blow up water slides make a great addition to any celebration, while also offer a cool and refreshing way to beat the heat. The water slides that we have available for rent are built with the child in mind, keeping them off of technology and instead, outside playing for hours.

The team at Bounce-N-Slide Inflatables will help you set up the water slide at your location, allowing you to focus on your event. The slides come with an easy-access outlet to connect a water hose to keep the fun going without heavy maintenance required.

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Water Slides For Rent

Click on the name of the inflatable water slide below to learn more about that rental and to request more information about how to rent!

16′ Frog

The Frog water slide is a 16 foot tall wet or dry slide that is perfect for any age. Can be used in the warmer months as a water slide, and in the cooler months as a dry slide.

Dimensions: 15’L x 12’W x 16’H

Water Slide Rentals Clayton NC

17′ The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is a 17 foot tall wet or dry slide that is perfect for any age. Turn up the water on those hot days and kids can slide down this wavy slide for hours. Even in the cooler months the waves on this slide provide a fast and fun ride all the way down.

Dimensions: 35’L X 14’W X 17’H

19′ Slip City

Provide hours of fun during your next party or event with our Slip City Slide. Guests climb to the top that’s covered with a safety net then shoot down to the inflatable pool at the bottom. Like most of our slides, it can be used wet or dry, making it a great fit for any occasion.

19′ Wipe Out

The Wipe Out is a 19 foot tall wet or dry slide. The slide can be used in the Summer time as a water slide, and a dry slide during the cooler months. This slide has 2 humps in it to provide an extreme ride down. The Wipe Out is perfect for any age group of children.

Dimensions: 40’L X 14’W X 19’H

Water Slide Rental Clayton, NC

20′ Wave Dual Slide

Are you ready? The 20ft Blue Wave is the ultimate slide for you next event with double lanes for twice the fun! As you and your friends race down a speedy 20ft straight drop runway, you will shoot out into a large 2′ ft deep pool at the bottom. For the colder months the pool can come off for an awesome dry slide as well.

Dimensions: 35’L X 17’W X 20’H

20’ Lava Flow Double Lane Slide

Think you have what it takes? The 20’ Lava Flow Double slide features two lanes of erupting adrenaline action. The riders race down their own lane and when they reach bottom they drop into individual pools that are 2’ deep. The Lava Flow is sure to ignite the fun for your event all year long! The slide is rented with pools in the summer for water fun and without them for maximum speed in the cooler months.

Dimensions: 16’W x 33’L x 20’H

22′ Rockin’ Rapids

You’ll never be up the creek without a paddle on our Rockin’ Rapids Water Slide! The entrance is on the front of the slide next to the splash down pool. Slide can be used wet or dry.

Dimensions: 36’L x 14’W x 22’H

28′ Tsunami Double Lane Slide

Tsunami Double Lane has room for riders to climb up and race each other down into the inflatable pool. The slide has a safety feature at the top to keep riders from standing up on the top of the slide.

Water Slide FAQ’s

Where can I rent inflatable water slides?

Bounce-N-Slide Inflatables offers rentable water slides throughout Wake, Chatham, Johnston, and Harnett Counties. We offer a variety of different inflatable water slide options and sizes depending on your needs. Contact us below to speak with our inflatable water slide experts today to find out which rentable water slide is right for your event!

How much do water slides cost?

Water slides can vary in cost, depending on a variety of different factors. Inflatable water slide rental costs consider the size of the rental that you looking to rent and the duration of your rental.

How do water slides work?

Water slides use a water pump system that delivers water to the top of the slide, which results in allowing the water to run down freely down the slope of the inflatable. The water helps users slide down the inflatable quickly, landing them into a pool of water located at the bottom.

What are water slides made of?

Our inflatable water slides are made of durable, vinyl and nylon material. This type of material offers a comfortable, soft surface for climbing, sliding and playing on. The water slide is filled with air to inflate to its proper size and then is attached to a water hose to provide the water supply.

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